Our Program

 At Macquarie Childcare Centre we follow the Code of Ethics by respecting and believing in the rights of all children, educators and families.  We understand that from birth, children begin their learning journey. Therefore our education and care programs are founded on the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  Our Director and educators realise the primary caregiver and educator of each child, is their family.  Family collaboration with educators and the centre is greatly appreciated. This supports the families to embrace the centre program. Each child's learning outcomes need to be attainable. Families need to feel that their child will learn and grow in the surrounds of our centre. So the centre encourages family input about their child.  Surveys are sent home at the beginning of each year (see Forms/Downloads-All about me). This assists the educators in planning an individual program for each child.  

Each room is light and airy and has lots of equipment and educational resources for each child to explore and use. They are set up with natural environments, puzzle areas, book/quiet areas, art and craft areas, dramatic play areas and block and construction areas.  Each individual child is encouraged to explore their environment through their own interests.

The educators understand that children learn through play. They assist each child through scaffolding, intentional teaching and developing those all important social and emotional bonding with peers and educators.  This provides the child with feelings of safety and support, which ultimately makes them feel they belong to the centre.  Once a feeling of belonging is established, the child is then ready to start their learning journey.

Families are welcome to join in their child's program.  Something as simple as reading a book or singing some songs to the group is appreciated by all.