ELLA Literacy Program and Transition to School

As of 2020, Macquarie Child Care Centre will have two (2) qualified Early Childhood Teachers (ECT) providing a preschool program to both the senior and junior preschoolers.


ELLA Literacy Program 


In 2019 the senior preschoolers were given the opportunity to learn Chinese through the ELLA literacy program.  This is a Government funded program provided to preschools running a program with an Early Childhood Teacher for children in the year before 'big school'. The children have been learning about numbers, letters, the names of fruit and vegetables using an App on a tablet.  Each child is given the opportunity to use the tablet on a weekly basis as well as other activities provided by the preschool teacher to help them learn Chinese. In 2020 the senior preschoolers will be learning Spanish using the ELLA program.


School Readiness and Transition to School


Children in the senior preschool room will follow a school readiness program with family input (see Parent Information).  All the preschool children are provided with lots of activities and experiences to help them develop their social and emotional, creative, language and literacy skills as well as their problem solving skills as they experiment with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In 2019 the senior preschoolers were given the opportunity to learn 

The centre also follows a transition to school plan in conjunction with the Macquarie Primary School for the senior preschool children ONLY (see Parent Information).  This gives the children transitioning to both preschool and big school, the opportunity to go and play on the primary school equipment throughout the week, go to the library for a story and attend orientation visits to both the Macquarie preschool and kindergarten classes.

Our preschool session operates from 9.00am to 3.00pm for 3 to 6 year old.
Please contact the centre on 02 62514144, macquarieccc@bigpond.com or check out our Facebook and Instagram page for more details.