The Toddlers Play With Dinosaurs

Posted By Leanne and Annamaria  
00:00 AM

One of the toddler children asked if we could have dinosaurs within our outdoor set up. So Tee our educator grabbed the dinosaurs and created a learning experience in the digging patch. 


She wet the mud and dug it up to loosen it, with the help of the toddlers. Then they grabbed fallen sticks and leaves, some plastic crates, and a bowl of water. 


The children used the crates as ‘caves’ and the dinosaurs ‘ate the leaves’ and ‘drank the water’. 


The children developed their communication skills and imagination through their play. They felt respected and valued as the educator listened to their request and used their input within our curriculum. 


During this experience the children developed their resilience, emerging autonomy, sense of agency and inter-dependence (L/O 1.2).  They showed they were involved and confident learners (L/O 4), while demonstrating their capacity to verbally and non-verbally interact with others for a variety of purposes (L/O 5.1).