The Toddlers Organise a Water Experience Outdoors

Posted By Tee and Annamaria  
00:00 AM

As the weather is becoming much warmer, the toddlers organised a water experience outdoors.



Tee brought in some balloons and filled them up with water. We took a box of them outside and the toddlers were intrigued to feel the texture of the water balloons.



As they were regular balloons, they were a little tricker to pop, so the children had to throw them onto the ground with some force for them to burst.



The children laughed as the balloons burst and they became wetter throughout their play. They developed happy memories together and developed their friendships with one another. 



During this activity the children developed their resilience, emerging autonomy, sense of agency and inter-dependence (L/O1.2).  They also developed an understanding of the responsibilities  and reciprocal rights required for active community participation as well as a sense of belonging to communities and groups (L/O 2.1).


Benefits of water play:

  • provides valuable early childhood experiences
  • develops children's imagination and creativity
  • uses the environment as the third teacher
  • provides hours of education and fun
  • helps develop eye-hand coordination
  • helps children learn about science and math concepts