The Kookaburra's Learn Some Action Words in Spanish

Posted By Olga and Annamaria  
00:00 AM

It’s never too early to begin learning a language: it’s fun, it promotes healthy development, and the many cognitive and social benefits will last a lifetime. 


Our senior preschool children are confidently learning new words in Spanish, by progressing through the ELLA literacy app. They have been participating in activities related to extend their knowledge and understanding of the language. 

This month the children focused on learning some action words such as ‘camina’ (walk), ‘corre’ (run), ‘salta’ (jump), ‘brinca’ (hop) and ‘baila’ (dance). 


On this particular occasion, the children played an action game. They took turns rolling a dice and then had to perform the action. 


This was a perfect opportunity to practice memorising and pronouncing the action words. It was great to see the children supporting and encouraging each other, to perform a silly dance or a wiggle or joining together for a dance, when someone would feel a little bit shy. 


Below are some benefits in learning a new language:


  1. Research has established that children learning a new language before the age of five use the same part of the brain they use to learn their mother tongue.
  2. The length of time a child devotes to learning a new language has a positive and direct link to their cognitive growth.
  3. Learning a second language enhances critical-thinking, listening skills and problem-solving. It also improves the ability to multi task, concentration and memory. Children skilled in other languages also exhibit signs of increased mental pliability and creativity.
  4. A child’s academic achievement is directly impacted by the cognitive benefits of learning a new language.
  5. Exposing children early to other languages, helps them develop more positive viewpoints to the cultures linked with those languages. 
  6. Young children naturally steer through multilingual environments without any confusion because acquiring a second language early in life, primes the brain to learn multiple other languages by unlocking a world of opportunities for later on.