Simple Apple Strudel Recipe from Macquarie Childcare

Posted By Giorgio/Annamaria  
21:00 PM





  • Puff pastry
  • Granny smith apples (peeled, quartered and cut into small pieces)
  • sultanas
  • sugar (add just enough to sweeten the mixture)
  • cinnamon to taste
  • water
  • Strawberry jam (optional)
  • extra sugar (top of strudel)



Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix. Place a sheet of puff pastry on your clean work bench and spread a tablespoon of strawberry jam along the centre (this is optional). Take several tablespoons and place done the middle of the jam. Roll the puff pastry to form a long cylindrical roll. Place a sheet baking paper onto a tray. Lift the roll onto the tray with the seam on the top. Sprinkle a little bit of sugar over the roll and bake in the oven (180 C) until golden brown on top.


Eat while it's hot, served with cream or icecream or just by itself!


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