Sensory Activities With Nursery One Babies

Posted By Karen and Annamaria  
00:00 AM

This week the N1 educators provided  two activities to encourage the babies to improve their fine motor and creative skills. 



Firstly, Karen setup a play dough activity using blue coloured play dough and some different yellow shapes. She gave each baby a ball of play dough to use. Then Karen role modelled how to use the yellow shapes in the play dough, while the children watched.



After watching the children then attempted to create their own shapes.




The children were then invited to participate in a painting activity using different coloured shaped sponges, dipped in paint to create patterns on a sheet of paper.



Radhika assisted the children with their artwork. Some children even thought the paint might make a great snack while they created their painting. 



The babies used their sensory dispositions and abilities, to explore learning through their individualism. They manipulated the shapes and sponges with increasing competence, as they created. The babies showed they were happy and connected to their peers (L/O 3).


The babies showed great interest in their learning environment. They were enthusiastic and curious as they participated in their own learning. The babies used play to imagine, explore and investigate their own ideas while creating (L/O 4).