Senior preschool learn Yoga

Posted By Sarah and Annamaria  
00:00 AM

Sarah decided to teach some yoga poses to the senior preschool children on Thursday 8th July. She invited them to sit on a mat and participate in small groups. 


Firstly she opened up a small bottle of essential oil that would help the children calm down. Then she turned on some mediation music from the room laptop for the children to listen to and unwind. The children were quiet and listened to Sarah's instructions.


Sarah showed the children some different poses from a book that she wanted them to try out on their mats. She then demonstrated some different poses like snake, dolphin, mouse, fish style and tree. The children followed Sarah's instructions and stretched their bodies into the different poses. 




This yoga session helped the children to increase their attention span and concentration. Sarah taught them some breathing exercises. They learnt to breathe in the oxygen and spread it to all the different parts of their body from head to toe. The children practised the breathing exercises and became aware of their breathing in and out throughout the session.



The last pose Sarah demonstrated to the children at the end of the yoga session was the "Corpse" Pose. The children lay down on their mat face up. They laid there patiently and relaxed for a couple of minutes closing their eyes. 


Seven benefits of regular yoga practice for children:

  1. Manage their anxiety. 
  2. Improves emotional regulation. 
  3. Boosts self-esteem. 
  4. Increases mindfulness and body awareness. 
  5. Enhances memory and concentration. 
  6. Develops flexibility and strength. 
  7. Reduces impulsivity and teaches discipline. 

Learning Outcomes:


LO3.2 Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.

LO1.2 Children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and sense of agency