Pendulum Painting With the Toddler Children

Posted By Leanne and Annamaria  
00:00 AM

During the planning cycle of July/August, the educators worked closely with some of the toddlers developing their interest in creating art. Their aim was to teach the children new ways of creating art, using new techniques and different art materials. 


Last week Leanne set up a ‘Pendulum painting’ activity. This was something new that none of the educators had tried before. Firstly they created the pot to put the paint in. The first one didn’t work so the educators tried a paper cup which worked much better. Then they experimented making the paint to the correct consistency to drip through cup. The children watched as the educators continued to add water to the paint and trial it out first. Eventually they got the pendulum working and the children created their own art work.  


The toddlers showed excitement as they exclaimed ‘wow!’ and smiled and laughed as the paint dripped onto their canvases. 


The educators and children experimented with different patterns and markings by moving around the different canvases and swinging the pendulum from different directions. 


Once the toddlers decided they had finished, the educators left the artwork to dry so the children could take it home to show their families. 


During this painting experience the children developed learning dispositions for developing confidence, curiosity, cooperation, persistence, creativity, reflexivity, enthusiasm, imagination and commitment. They also developed a range of processes and skills such as hypothesising, problem solving, investigating, experimentation, researching and inquiry. 


Mary Lou Cook said, “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”