Mother's Day Activities at Macquarie Childcare Centre

Posted By Annamaria French  
00:00 AM

This year Mother's Day is going to be a little different due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Families won't be able to congregate all together to celebrate this special day with their mothers and grandmothers. They will only be able to visit one at time due to the restrictions. This hasn't stopped our educators keeping the children busy at MCC creating their special Mother's Day gifts with love for their mums.


The Kookaburra preschool children created a card with love hearts for Mother’s Day.  They used a rolled up sheet of cardboard that was folded in half and dipped in different coloured paint to make the heart prints on their cards. The children smiled, laughed and talked to one another as they dipped their cardboard into the different coloured paint to create their hearts.


When their cards were dry, the educators gave the children the opportunity to write a special message of love and thanks on the back of the card for their mother. 



In celebration of Mother’s Day this week, the children in the nursery rooms created a flower photo frame using their handprints. The educators used different coloured paints to paint their hands. They then assisted the children in placing their hands on a sheet of pink paper to leave an imprint. The hand prints would make different coloured flowers. The children showed great interest as the educators painted their hands. 




For mother’s day, the Possum children made a book mark so their mums could remember them every time they read a book. The educators invited the children to participate in this activity using small pieces of paper collage, glue and a piece of black cardboard for the bookmark. The children enjoyed the craft activity as they glued the colourful collage onto the cardboard creating their gifts.


When the bookmark was finished, a small poem about  "Mother" and a photo of the child was glued on the front of their bookmark.




The toddlers created butterflies using their handprints as wings for Mother’s Day gift. The educators offered the children paints and craft materials to decorate their wings with, so they could express their creativity. Once dried the educators assisted the children to attach the butterflies to a popsicle stick. These were then set aside for collection with a lovely Mother’s Day poem. 




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Providing children with the opportunity to participate in different forms of artwork, is vital for their development . Children learn other subjects through art, like maths and reading. It also promotes social, fine motor and visual development. Using art as a means of expression, heightens children's ability to use it as a communication tool. 


We hope you enjoy the gifts your children have created this year, and we hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, spending time with your loved ones!