How to prevent tantrums in toddlers

Posted By Annamaria French  
21:00 PM

"One way to prevent tantrums before they occur is to give your toddler the illusion of control", say the editors of Child Magazine.


 Here's a how to guide that may help during a temper tantrum: 

  1. Offer your child choices
  2. Be sensitive to his/her limits
  3. Use open ended questions
  4. Give your child some advance notice of what will happen
  5. Ease transition from play to another activity by giving him/her a time limit (using the timer on your phone can help)
  6. Don't issue commands but opt for questions instead
  7. Always keep your viewpoint 
  8. Respond in a caring way when your child throws a tantrum
Remember that changes in his/her routine as well as tiredness, take the biggest toll on their behaviour. Remaining calm in this type of situation will more than likely persuade your child to emerge more in control of his emotions, more confident  and calmer.
"When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it's our job to share our calm and not join their chaos", L.R. Knost.
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