How to make paper-materials and instructions

Posted By Ellie and Nicola  
21:00 PM

During group time on Clean Up Australia Day, Nicola and Ellie decided to share their knowledge about waste disposal with the children so they could gain a better understanding of how to recycle.  Ellie planned a follow up activity with the Toddler children on Thursday.  She decided to provide them with the opportunity to participate in a fun paper making activity. Nicola and Ellie decided this would be a great opportunity for the children to learn about recycling, learning through science and using their creative side through art.

Please follow the steps below if you are interested in making paper at home.

Materials required:

  • Paper recycling kit.
  • A bucket and 2 other big bowls or pots.
  • Measuring cup.
  • A tub (you can use a baby’s bath, fish tank – minus the fish!)
  • An eggbeater or whisk.
  • Lots of waste paper to recycle – wrapping paper, envelopes, old letters, junk mail and newspaperscan all be used!





First of all, tear your paper into the size of a stamp and put the pieces in your bucket. Pour 6 cups of hot water onto the ripped paper in the bucket. Stir the mixture and leave it to soak for at least 15 minutes. Once the paper has been soaked, take the soaked paper and put it into a big bowl or pot.  Add at least another 7 cm of water to the bowl and beat the mixture with a hand beater. If you want smooth paper, the paper porridge should not have any big pieces of paper floating in this beaten mix (pulp). Tip the pulp into your tub.


Take the paper recycling kit and put the draining screen down flat, this is called the mould. Place the fine mesh on top of it and fit the top wooden frame (called deckle) over the fine mesh and draining screen. You have made the Papermakers Sandwich!


Swish the tub of pulp around. Now pick up the sandwich with the deckle on top. Holding on tightly with both hands, dip it into the tub. Rest the sandwich on the edge of the tub for a minute to let the water escape. With a drying board nearby, lift the deckle off. Using both hands peel the mesh off the draining screen. With the paper side facing away from you, slowly lower the mesh down onto a drying board. Gently sponge the mesh and squeeze out the water into the tub. Do it until the whole mesh has been well sponged. Now slowly peel the mesh off, leaving the paper behind.


Put the board in the sun, hot water cupboard or another warm place to dry. When the paper feels bone dry, twist your drying board and peel your new sheet off.




    "The art of teaching isthe art of assisting discovery", (Mark van Doren).


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