How To Make Dinosaur Eggs

Posted By Annamaria French  
00:00 AM

This is such a fun activity to do with your children.  They will enjoy watching how water can freeze and become solid, and then melt back into a liquid by simply pouring warm water over the top of the eggs to reveal the dinosaur surprise inside!


Materials needed


  • A packet of balloons
  • Small rubber dinosaurs
  • A plastic funnel
  • A small jug
  • Warm water to melt the ice
  • Bowl/container




Open up the top of the balloon and insert a small dinosaur into it.  Insert the funnel into the balloon and then fill with some water from the jug, until it becomes the size of a chicken’s egg.  Tie the end of the balloon. When you have finished place all the balloons in the freezer overnight.



When the eggs have frozen pull them out of the freezer. Cut the top of the balloon and pour some warm water over it so the frozen egg can be removed from the balloon.  Place the eggs into a bowl or container and invite your child to pour some warm water over the frozen eggs. 



Watch with your child as the eggs begin to melt.

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