"Educator of the month" at Macquarie Childcare Centre

Posted By Annamaria French  
00:00 AM

At Macquarie Childcare Centre we really appreciate and want to recognise our educators and early childhood teachers for the fantastic work they do in educating and guiding our children daily. This is important work they do, as they shape the future leaders of our nation. Our “Educator of the Month” is our way of showing our appreciation for their enthusiasm, knowledge and passion. We realise that as educators they have many challenges to overcome. We rejoice in their strengths and achievements. Their team collaboration, dedication and perseverance doesn't go unnoticed. 

At the end of each month, we encourage our families and educators to be involved in the selection process of Educator of the Month. By involving everyone in the process, families are given the opportunity to voice their appreciation for their children's educators. Each month, the Centre Director passes out a ballot paper to all the educators, and families are requested to vote by email.


Congratulations Tayla for being voted our January Educator of the month!



Tayla is an educator in our toddler room. Tayla is a valued employee here at Macquarie Childcare Centre. She is helpful, professional, hardworking and always shows initiative in performing her work. Tayla is a trainee and currently studying her Certificate III in Early Education and Care. Tayla is a keen team player and is always ready to learn on the job. Tayla has been chosen as employee of the month for January as she has a strong passion for working with children and demonstrates such a great work ethic.



Congratulations Yesodha for being voted our February Educator of the month!



Yesodha works as an educator in Nursery 2. She is currently studying her Certificate III in Early Education and Care. Yesodha has been chosen as educator of the month for February for her great relationships with both the other educators and children, and her love and passion in her role. Yesodha is responsible, polite and respectful.  She responds in a loving manner to the children whenever they are in distress or in need of assistance.


Congratulations Tee for being voted our March Educator of the month!



Tee works in our Nursery 3 Room and is very passionate about her role as an educator. Tee demonstrates true dedication and love for the children in her care. Tee has recently finished her Certificate III in Early Education and Care at Macquarie Childcare Centre and has commenced studies in her Diploma in Early Education and Care. Tee has been chosen as educator of the month for March because of her initiative, and the fact she isn't afraid to take on new challenges as an educator that help her grow in her role. Tee is a hard worker with high expectations. She is a very supportive team member and is always willing to step up to help her colleagues when needed. Tee interacts well with all the children and Educators at Macquarie Childcare Centre.