Causes we’re supporting in 2021

Posted By Macquarie CCC Admin  
17:59 PM

Welcome to February 2021 and our first blog post for the year.


February sure has rolled around quickly and we hope you and your family had a relaxing and safe Christmas and New Year.


This year, the centre is supporting some worthy causes to ensure we’re doing our part to help the environment and people in need in the community. These endeavours also support the educators to teach the children about their community and the importance of giving back.


TerraCycle® is doing some great things for the environment. They’re working with leading companies to accept items we wouldn’t ordinarily recycle, and is recycling these items into new products.


If you’d like to contribute your empty product containers to our TerraCycle® program, we’ve set up a station in the foyer where you can deposit your items. Some of the items we’re accepting include toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, empty toothpaste and floss containers, old razors, empty hair care and colour care bottles and empty cleaning product bottles. Check out the station for other items we’re accepting.



This year, we’re also supporting Roundabout Canberra. This organisation was founded by Hannah Andrevski, a local mum who is helping get pre-loved baby items to women who need them most.


We’ve set up a station in the foyer and would appreciate any donations of nappies, wipes, new bottle teats, face washers, baby towels, mattress protectors and baby and children’s socks.



We look forward to another year with you and your little ones!