February 2020

5 Reasons Why Play is Important in the Early Years

Posted By Annamaria French,
23/02/2020 00:00 AM
Active learning through play encourages, supports and inspires children in their development of communication, language, concentration and theory skills. This first hand experience is how...

5 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special

Posted By Annamaria French,
16/02/2020 00:00 AM
Spending time with your child and making them feel special plays a very important part in their mental health well-being. Children sometimes can feel that their parents are too busy to pay them...

4 Activities to Keep Your Children Busy

Posted By Annamaria French,
09/02/2020 00:00 AM
Below are some interesting activities to keep your children busy during the coming weekends.   A Book of Kisses   This is a fun book to make with your children. Each book page is...

9 Ways to Establish Good Eating Habits

Posted By Annamaria French,
02/02/2020 00:00 AM
Establishing good eating habits and attitudes during the preschool years are likely to be carried into the future, so it’s vital parents motivate their children to make healthy food choices. Eating...