November 2020

The Toddlers Organise a Water Experience Outdoors

Posted By Tee and Annamaria,
28/11/2020 00:00 AM
As the weather is becoming much warmer, the toddlers organised a water experience outdoors.     Tee brought in some balloons and filled them up with water. We took a box of them outside...

The Toddlers Play With Dinosaurs

Posted By Leanne and Annamaria,
21/11/2020 00:00 AM
One of the toddler children asked if we could have dinosaurs within our outdoor set up. So Tee our educator grabbed the dinosaurs and created a learning experience in the digging...

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup

Posted By Annamaria,
14/11/2020 00:00 AM
Our centre cook Giorgio used this recipe in our winter menu. Last week one of our families ask for the recipe, so here it is:   Ingredients 2 brown/yellow onions 1...

Sensory Activities With Nursery One Babies

Posted By Karen and Annamaria,
07/11/2020 00:00 AM
This week the N1 educators provided  two activities to encourage the babies to improve their fine motor and creative skills.      Firstly, Karen setup a play dough activity using...