8 Ways to Remember How to Keep Your Pets Safe on Christmas Day

Posted By Annamaria French  
00:00 AM

Christmas Day food and traditions can pose real health issues for your pet, so if you don’t want to spend your day taking a trip to the vet, check out the following dos and don’t:

  1. Make sure you don’t leave any turkey or chicken bones around for your pet to chew on.  Cooked bones may cause internal bleeding if they splinter. 
  2. Christmas food like pudding, lollies, ham, chocolate or macadamia nuts are not pet food.  Make sure all your guests know not to give in to your pet, by slipping them some food scraps under the table.
  3. It’s always wonderful to have a fresh Christmas tree, but your pet may decide to take a drink from the tree stand and this can make them very sick.  Encourage your children to create and decorate a cover for the tree stand, so your pet doesn’t have access. Leave a bowl of fresh water nearby for them to use instead. Or simply use a fake Christmas tree.
  4. Your cat may want to climb the Christmas tree and explore the pretty glass baubles, tinsel and lights, as these are very tempting.  To avoid the risk of choking or electric shock, keep a close watch on your feline and ensure they are well away from the tree.
  5. Exercise your dog before your guests arrive if you’re hosting the Christmas celebrations. Your dog will feel de-stressed and pay less attention to your visitors throughout the festivities.
  6. Pets need a quiet place away from noise and especially small children who may not understand that they shouldn’t annoy the pet by pulling hair, poking them and hitting them suddenly. Your pet also deserves a quiet, relaxing and safe place away from all the noise.
  7. Wrapping paper and ribbons are also a big No No for your pets. If swallowed they can cause damage to their intestines. Make sure all the rubbish is put in the bin after the gifts have been opened. 
  8. As your dog is part of your family, it’s always nice to provide them with a treat on Christmas Day. You can be as imaginative as you like by creating a treasure hunt for them to follow or simply provide them with their kong filled with delicious doggy treats. There are also plenty of cat treats for your feline to enjoy!