6 Ways to Eliminate Potential Dangers For Children in Your Bathroom

Posted By Annamaria French  
00:00 AM

Small children love to explore. So doing a checklist of potential dangers in your bathroom is also a good idea. Make sure to get down to your child’s level in order to see what they see from their height.


There are so many places a child can injure themselves in your bathroom. Like climbing up onto the ledge of the bathtub may end with your child falling in head first, so


  1. Always keep the bathroom door closed and never leave your child unattended.
  2. When bathing your child, always remember to bring everything you need into the bathroom. Always run the cold water first, before adding the hot water to the bathtub.
  3. Always keep razors, medicines and cosmetics in a locked cupboard out of your child’s reach.
  4. Toilets are a dangerous area for small children too as they can fall head first into the toilet and drown. Make sure you keep the door permanently closed or buy a toilet latch to keep them out.
  5. The bath taps can be hot so always ensure you explain to your child when sitting in the bath to not touch them or better still cover with a wash cloth to ensure your child doesn’t burn themselves.
  6. Always make sure you put away your hairdryer or electric razor and don’t leave them plugged into the powerpoint.