6 Tips on Fire Safety During the Christmas Season.

Posted By Annamaria French  
00:00 AM


  1. If you own or buy a fake Christmas tree make sure it isn’t a fire hazard by checking it is fire resistant. In other words don’t buy a really cheap tree! 
  2. If you decide that a fresh tree is what you would like to use to celebrate Christmas, then be sure it is green and the needles don’t fall out easily when pulled.  A good trick is to bounce the tree trunk on the ground.  You will know when it’s too dry and poses a fire risk, because a shower of needles will fall off the tree.
  3. Using candles near a Christmas tree can can cause hot wax burns.  It is really important that the candle is kept on a secured base well out of the reach of children. When in doubt you can purchase some really nice fake candles with little battery operated lights and they even look like candles.
  4. Make sure you check your inside Christmas lights each year and replace if broken.

5.   Make sure you turn everything off when you go to bed. As this could spark off a fire.


Check out the Fire and Rescue NSW website to find more fire safety tips.