6 Tips for Getting Ready to Toilet Train your Child

Posted By Annamaria French  
22:00 PM

A lot of parents are time poor, and find the whole process of toilet training their toddler very daunting. A little preparation from the parents by putting some strategies into place especially if your child is going to child care, or spends time with others (grandparents), creates a smoothe pathway for both parents and child. Make sure everyone knows what you are doing. It helps to be consistent. This will also help your child be ready for toilet training when the time is right for him/her.


Below are some startegies to help your child become accustomed to the toilet training process:

  1. Borrow or buy some toilet training books to read to your child or simply watch a fun Youtube video on toilet training. This helps them understand that it is normal for everyone to use the toilet for weeing and pooing. 
  2. Understanding what the toilet is for, is the child's first step in learning how to use it. So if you feel OK about taking your child to the toilet and talking about what you are doing when you need to go, will help him/her understand the processes involved. 
  3. Think about the words you feel comfortable with and teach them to your child e.g. wee or poo. 
  4. Always keep household cleaners and toiletries out of reach of children. This will ensure the toilet area is safe. 
  5. Help your child by dressing them in suitable clothes that are easy for them to get on and off.  Remember, the less clothes to remove, the easier it is for your child to sit on the toilet without any accidents.
  6. Be attuned to your child’s cues, so you can be ready to guide them to the toilet in time. Make sure the toilet or potty are always set up ready to avoid accidents.


Check out my next installment on 4 Tips and Techniques to Assist Parents During the Toilet Training Process on 21/4/2019.


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