6 Christmas Crafts to Keep Your Children Busy During the Holiday Season

Posted By Annamaria French  
00:00 AM

During the Christmas holidays it's always important to keep your children busy and what better way than to stimulate their creativity by providing them with some craft activities.  Below are some fun ideas to do just that:


1. DIY Holiday Card Tree


If space is an issue than this is the perfect way to create a simple Christmas tree by re-using your old and new Christmas cards and supplementing them with some cheap cards purchased from various retailers around town.


You can finish it off with a large bucket to collect and hold all the Christmas packages until the special day!


(Photo by Brian Woodcock and idea from Charlyne Mattox from Country Living)


2. DIY Christmas Bow Wreath


Another easy craft activity is creating your very own Christmas wreath. This time re-using all the old gift bows you have in your cupboard. You can augment your supply by purchasing some extra ones from a retail outlet.


Check out Design Improvised for instructions on how to make it.



(Photo and idea sourced from Design Improvised)


3. Santa Advent Calendar


This is a great little activity for the children to count down the days until Christmas. Just follow the Country Living link for the instructions.


(Photo by Brian Woodcock and instructions sourced from Country Living)


4. Paddle Pop Stick  Animal and People Tree Ornaments


This activity is great for the older preschooler. Just use some paddle pop sticks, small googily eyes, string, different coloured felt and some texta pens to create your animal tree decorations.


(Photo by Creative Me and instructions sourced from Revolution Artisan Pops)


5. Reindeer Antlers


Every child wants a pair of Rudolph's antlers. So check out the instructions on the Picklebums website to help them create their very own pair of reindeer antlers for the Christmas day celebrations.


(Photo and instructions sourced from Picklebums)


6. Paddle Pop Stick Star Tree Ornaments


This is an easy craft activity where your children can create a star Christmas tree ornament. Your children can be as imaginative as they want. So check out the link Best Ideas For Kids for instructions.  


(Photo and instructions sourced from by Best Ideas For Kids)



Enjoy the time you spend with your children as they imagine and create these fun crafts!