5 Fun Games and Activities that Keep the Boredom Away

Posted By Annamaria French  
02:50 AM

As we move into Winter, the weather isn't nearly as sunny or warm as it was in Autumn. So below are a few games and activites that might help to keep the boredom away on the weekends to come.

1. Simple Instruction Game.
➢ Simple instructions like ‘Point to your eyes’, or ‘Put the paper in the bin’, are great for 1-2 year olds, as they can only cope with simple directions.
➢ Once 2-4 year olds have had some practice, they can manage two or maybe even three instructions, like ‘Put your hands on your shoulders and shut your eyes,’ or ‘Walk over to Josh, turn around and come back to me.’
➢ Increasing the complexity of your instructions is great for 4-5 year olds. Again once they have practiced a few times they may be able to do it more easily. Try using directions like ‘Stand up, walk over to the window, wave to the postman and come back to me'.

And don't forget "Simon Says", it's a great game for testing their listening and concentration skills.


2. Pinecone Bird Feeders

You Will Need:

     A large pinecone

     Peanut butter 


     Fishing line or string

Wrap the fishing line around the pinecone and tie it at the top.  

Then spread the peanut butter over the pinecone and roll it in the birdseed.  

Finally hang your bird feeder in a spot where you can watch the birds eat.


3. Roller Painting
Don’t throw out your empty roll-on deodorant bottles -- they’re great for painting with! Soak the bottle in warm water to soften the plastic, and then pry a sharp knife down the side of the rim to pop the ball out. Wash thoroughly then refill with liquid paint. Snap the ball back in and you have a giant ballpoint pen for mess-free painting!


4. Floatie Bottles
You will need:

  A small, clear, plastic bottle
  Dishwashing liquid
  Food colouring
  Fast drying glue
  Objects to float, i.e.
  plastic buttons
  ¾ fill the bottle with water

⇨⇨ add a few drops of food colouring
⇨⇨ add a combination of floating objects
⇨⇨ top up the bottle with dishwashing liquid
⇨⇨ place a few spots of glue in around the bottle rim and screw the lid on tight
Young children love to tip and shake floatie bottles and watch what happens.


5. Feely Box
You will need:

  An old shoebox – or larger
  Six small household items, i.e. spoon; peg; tissue; pencil; small toy; toothbrush
  Sticky tape
Without your child present, place the objects in the box, and tape the lid on. Cut a small round hole in the side, large enough for your child’s hand to fit through. Invite your child to put their hand inside the box and feel the different objects. Encourage them to describe the objects to you and guess what they are feeling. Let your child select objects to put in the box for you to feel.