4 Ways to Eliminate Potential Dangers for Children in Hallways and Stairs

Posted By Annamaria French  
00:00 AM

Small children love to explore. So doing a checklist of potential dangers in your hallways and stairs is also a good idea. Make sure to get down to your child’s level in order to see what they see from their height. 

  1. Block young children from access to all stairways with safety barriers or gates to avoid the risk of falling.
  2. Always hold the safety rail when you carry your child down stairs.
  3. Make sure no toys are left on stairways, as this could be a tripping hazard.
  4. Consider installing safety gates to close off high-risk areas such as the bathroom and laundry or simply close the door.
  5. Make sure all doors leading off your hallways are closed or have a latch. 
  6. Makes sure all your power points in hallways have plugs in them.