3 Reasons Why-Pull-ups vs Underwear

Posted By Annamaria French  
22:00 PM


In the early stages of toilet training when your child doesn’t have full control of their bladder, it may be a good idea to use pull-ups.

Below are three reasons why pull-ups might work well:

  1. Toddlers usually love the feeling of being a “big” boy/girl, so the use of pull-ups is clearly a step away from using a nappy.  They are also easier for toddlers to pull up or down like underwear.
  2. The pull-ups probably won't be a crutch if your toddler is already interested in the toilet training process. It might just be a safety tool to stop your child from becoming distraught over any accidents.
  3. Pull-ups prevent accidents around the house until your child is fully trained and this is a big help to parents, as well. 

Once your child has developed more bladder control then swapping to underpants is a good idea.



Some children aren't ready to start toilet training until after they are two years old, or maybe even older. Unfortunately, some parents find their toddlers lack motivation and even using praise or reward charts doesn’t raise a response. These toddlers may be happy to just sit in a soaked or soiled pull-up, as long as you don't take them away from their toys.  Therefore the use of pull-ups maybe the wrong decision.

The transition to regular boys/girls underwear may then be the right choice for these toddlers. When accidents occur, they have no choice but to stop playing and get cleaned. This alone should help inspire your otherwise involved child to identify the signs of when they need to use the toilet.

Below are three reasons why underpants might work well:

  1. If your toddler is able to tell you when he/she needs to go or can go to the toilet on his/her own without constant reminding, then he/she is perhaps ready for underwear.
  2. Make sure you don’t make a big deal of any accidents that might occur. These accidents can upset a sensitive child. You might want to use something with extra absorbency if your child is easily upset by them. Make sure you are available and ready to clean up any accidents that are inevitable at the start of the toilet training process. 
  3. The use of “exciting” underwear (like Frozen or Spiderman) the child is able to choose for themselves, may be just the right motivator for the toddler too busy to go to the toilet.

Wearing underpants is a big change for your toddler. Celebrating the transition will make it easier for both of you. Make sure you talk about how grown-up he/she is and how proud of him/her you are!



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