3 Fun Activities to Do With Your Child

Posted By Annamaria French  
00:00 AM

Here are 3 more fun activities to involve your child in during rainy days, weekends and holidays.


Fridge Photos

Here is a really great way to use all those fridge magnets on unwanted advertising fliers, that end up in your letter box each day. It doesn't cost anything and recycles the fliers as well.


  • Find favourite photo (mum, dad or pet).
  • Glue them to the front of the magnets -use acid free glue.
  • Trim around the edges.


Voila!  Use the magnets to secure children’s art-work, bills or notices on your fridge.


Twinkle Little Star Mobile

  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • star and moon cookie cutter (or draw free hand)
  • aluminium foil
  • glue
  • silver and gold tinsel
  • wool or string (dark coloured)
  • scissors

Use a star and circle cookie cutter to trace around 3 stars and a crescent moon, using sturdy cardboard. (You can also draw free hand). Then cut them out.

Using a piece of aluminium foil, trace around both sides of each shape with the pencil.  Cut them out with the scissors and glue them onto the card.

Glue gold tinsel around each star and silver tinsel around the moon edge.

Using the dark wool or string, tape from each star to the moon, then glue a long piece of wool or string around the inside curve of the moon.  Your mobile is ready to hang, once the glue has dried.


Special Birthday Card 


You will need:

  • String
  • Construction paper
  • Stickers
  • Marker pens
  • Stapler
  • Child safe Scissors
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter (or draw free hand)


Using the construction paper, trace around your child’s hands .  Invite your child to cut out the handprints and then decorate them with the marker pens and stickers. Ask your child to stretch out their arms as far as possible and then cut a piece of string the length from one hand print to the other.  Help your child to staple the string to each of their handprints. Invite your child to trace around the heart shaped cookie (or draw free hand) and cut it out. In the middle of the heart invite her/him write “I Love You THIS Much” on it, then staple it to the middle to the string.


Each of these activities is suitable for young and older preschool children.  The older children will enjoy the drawing, writing, cutting and pasting but the younger children may need a bit more help.


Enjoy creating with your child!