10 Signs of When your Child is Ready for Toilet Training

Posted By Annamaria French  
20:00 PM

 One of the hardest things for parents to gauge is when their child is ready to be toilet trained. As children are individuals the toilet training process can happen as early as 18 months or some might be older than two years, but usually it is around the two year mark. 


Below is a checklist of signs of readiness that may assist the process:

  1. Your child is walking and can sit for a short time
  2. He/she is becoming generally more self-sufficient when completing tasks
  3. He/she is curious about watching others go to the toilet 
  4. He/she has a dry nappy for up to two hours 
  5. He/she explains using gestures or words that they need to do a poo or wee before it happens
  6. He/she finds wearing a nappy uncomfortable when it’s wet or soiled and may try to remove it
  7. He/she has regular, soft, formed bowel movements (ensure your child is drinking sufficiently throughout the day, as constipation may cause pain and delay the training process)
  8. He/she can pull his pants up and down
  9. He/she is able to follow simple instructions
  10. He/she shows an understanding of their environment

Just remember that not all the above signs need to be present but are a general trend that will let you know when your child is ready to start toilet training.


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