Teach Your Children How to Follow Instructions   

Posted By Annamaria French  
02:50 AM

As children turn 2 years old, they begin to assert themselves.  This can be both good and bad. Children need to understand when it is appropriate to follow an instruction given by their parent, providing the rules are fair and relevant to each individual situation. Obviously, if it is a safety issue then there is no debating over the instruction given.


Follow the below instructions for the game:


  1. Invite your family members to come and sit in a circle facing one another.
  2. Ask your child to start the game by sitting in the middle of the circle. (It is a good idea for an adult to be the first to play the game until the child understands the rules). The child sitting in the middle waits for instructions. 
  3. Each member of the family gives one instruction at a time, such as:  touch your nose; stand up and turn around; clap your hands behind your back; hop on one foot.  Make the instructions more challenging for the older members of the family.
  4. When the child has completed all the instructions given by each family member, it is time for someone else's turn.  In amongst all the fun, your children learn to listen, watch, and follow instructions. They also learn about giving instructions to others. These are all valuable communication skills they need to learn.