6 Ways to Eliminate Potential Dangers For Children in Your Living Room

Posted By Annamaria French,
17/11/2019 00:00 AM
Small children love to explore. So doing a checklist of potential dangers in your living room is also a good idea. Make sure to get down to your child’s level in order to see what they see from their...

8 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe in Your Kitchen and Laundry

Posted By Annamaria French,
10/11/2019 00:00 AM
Kitchens and laundries can be very dangerous places for small children. So keeping these areas safe are of paramount importance.  Doing a room check will give you a list of everything you may nee...

4 Ways to Help Your Child Develop their Social Skills for Big School

Posted By Annamaria French,
03/11/2019 00:00 AM
As children are ready to embark on their journey to "big school", it is important they learn how to interact more with other people.  Children learn how to socialise with others from their home...

4 Ways to Encourage Pre-Writing Skills

Posted By Annamaria French,
27/10/2019 00:00 AM
Many experiences and every-day play activities that your child engages in provides the foundation skills needed for writing.  By interacting with your child during these experiences, you can...

Safety Tips to Keep Your Children Safe With the Family Pet

Posted By Annamaria French,
20/10/2019 00:00 AM
These days most families own a pet before having children. Pets can become jealous after the arrival of a newborn, which may result in aggression towards the baby. Even the most placid of pets can...

8 Great Books to Have in Your Baby's Library

Posted By Annamaria French,
13/10/2019 00:00 AM
Reading to your baby has many benefits. It teaches your baby how to communicate with others. It introduces your baby to maths, literacy, shapes and colours in a fun way. It also develops their...

7 FREE Activities to do with Your Children During School Holidays

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06/10/2019 00:00 AM
Keeping your children occupied during the school holidays is always hard. So below are a few suggestions of interesting places to visit in the Canberra area with FREE entry.    War...

5 Family Fun Activities

Posted By Annamaria French,
29/09/2019 00:00 AM
Below are 5 fun activities to try with your children on the weekends or during the holidays:   Spider What you will need: Egg carton Black texta Scissors 4 pipe cleaners Cut one cup...

4 Ways to Make Your Life Easier With Your Children

Posted By Annamaria French,
22/09/2019 00:00 AM
Below are 4 ways to make life easier with your children's behaviour:   Humour When children are bored and an argument is brewing, try distracting them with a little bit of humour. Once their...

How to Cope With the TerribleTwos.

Posted By Annamaria French,
15/09/2019 00:00 AM
I remember when all I wanted was for my child to speak, and when he did, I wished I hadn't. It's a bit like the saying "Be careful what you wish for". I remember going food shopping and my child...